Broad Coverage = Comprehensive Infection Management

The Unyvero ITI Cartridge

With eight different clinical indication areas, the Unyvero ITI Cartridge covers all essential implant and tissue infections, including infections after abdominal, bone and joint surgery interventions, after trauma (e.g. burns) and soft tissue infections, including diabetic foot. It includes the entire sample spectrum and offers an extremely broad panel, with detection of >70 pathogens and resistance markers. The results allow for better infection management and can be used, for example, for acute care, surgery planning and care planning in case of burns or for a long-term treatment. 

In combination with the Unyvero L4 Lysator, samples can also be processed from a biofilm — an important requirement for the fast and reliable diagnosis of implant infections (catheter, artificial joints, etc.).

Implant and tissue infections are subdivided into various indication areas, which each requiring slightly different tests. These are all covered by the Unyvero ITI Application.

Comprehensive Infection Management

Unyvero Anwendungen ITI

Heraeus Medical

The Unyvero ITI Application is an important component of the comprehensive infection management by Heraeus Medical in hospitals worldwide.