Applications and Benefits

Unyvero is the time-saving and safe solution for comprehensive answers very early on. As a result, clinicians can make significantly faster and more targeted treatment decisions – for infections and inflammations in the respiratory tract and for implant and tissue infections. Within only four to five hours, Unyvero provides information on pathogens and resistances, thereby allowing for a timely adjustment of treatment and, if applicable, early isolation. This ultimately leads to faster and better medical care for the patient.

Easy and User Friendly

Due to its simple operation, Unyvero can even be used directly at the "point of need" without the need for qualified laboratory personnel, for example in the intensive care unit, in the immediate vicinity of the patient, or in the microbiology department or the central laboratory. The Unyvero System can also be used in large external laboratories, where the 4-hour analysis is being offered more and more frequently as an external service for hospitals.

Additionally, Unyvero offers significant savings potentials for hospitals and therefore represents an important factor in the public health sector.


  • Fast, simple and comprehensive diagnostics for severe infectious diseases
  • From the native sample to clinically relevant answers in only a few hours
  • Contains more than any other cartridge: "8 labs on 8 chips in a brick"
  • Significantly earlier and targeted treatment decisions become possible
  • Better medical results can be achieved for the patients
  • Savings potential for the hospitals (healthcare factor)

The Unyvero solution is a modular concept that supports the central laboratory and also allows for "point of need" tests around the clock, seven days a week.