Use of Unyvero as a Healthcare Factor

In the age of cost reductions in the public health sector, lump sum payments and DRG discussions, Unyvero offers significant savings potentials due to a more targeted use of antibiotics and therefore shortened hospital stays for patients with severe infectious diseases. For the hospitals and hospital management, the use of the Unyvero System therefore represents an essential healthcare factor.

Curetis is a reliable partner in the fight against infectious diseases in hospitals and helps to recognize risks caused by pathogens in a timely manner and to prevent possible "disasters" before they happen. As an end result, this allows hospitals to provide better medical care with significant net savings.

The Advantages:

  • In financial terms, the use of Unyvero can save between EUR 500 and 1,000 per patient
  • Unyvero is a long-term system decision that is an economical diagnostic tool and pays for itself even in the short and medium term
  • The Unyvero platform offers maximum flexibility and scalability and in the future can be extended for additional indications
  • A comprehensive range of services round off the system, ensuring smooth operation and optimal integration into existing processes and structures
  • Various flexible financing models — from purchase to rental or hire-purchase to reagent rentals, i.e. free device installation in exchange for purchase of a contractually defined number of cartridges per year