Use of Unyvero in Implant and Tissue Infections

In many cases, patients with implant and tissue infections can only be properly treated if the pathogens and resistances are known. Only then can the correct antibiotics be administered or, for example, a decision on surgery or treatment be made. Often analyses in the hospital laboratory take several days or weeks in such cases and cost valuable time, which means significant stress and uncertainty for patients.

Implant and tissue infections are grouped into different sub-classes, each requiring slightly different tests. These are all covered by the Unyvero ITI Application:

The Advantages:

  • Faster results and earlier possibilities for intervention or isolation if necessary
  • Improved infection management: Unyvero results allow for effective teamwork between infectiologists/hygienists, microbiologists and the doctors
  • The entire sample spectrum can be used immediately (solid, highly cellular or liquid)
  • Detection of pathogens that are difficult to cultivate microbiologically
  • The results can be used in many different ways, for example for acute care, surgery planning, in-patient care planning or long-term treatment
  • Shortening of waiting times for patients
  • Can also be used on patients for whom treatment has already started
  • The clearly indicated results can be printed out or exported as a PDF
  • In the future it will be possible to export data into HIS/LIMS

Comprehensive Infection Management

The Unyvero ITI Application is an important component of a comprehensive infection management by Heraeus Medical in hospitals worldwide.

"There is a great need for very accurate tests for the diagnosis of mixed infections in implantology and orthopedics. For Heraeus Medical, which is one of the market leaders in orthopedic infection management, the diagnostics represent an expansion of our core business," said André Kobelt, CEO of Heraeus Medical GmbH. "We are therefore very happy about the collaboration with Curetis because the Unyvero platform offers customers superior molecular diagnostic solutions that make it possible to fight serious infections faster and more efficiently. This potentially also allows for the critical improvement of the management of latent orthopedic infections."

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