Use of Unyvero in Pneumonia Patients

In case of respiratory infections and particularly in pneumonia patients in the intensive care unit, there is often the risk of death, and it is important to receive early answers regarding possible pathogens and resistances. The right treatment decision can only be made in time using these answers, or potential necessary isolation can be introduced. Conventional analysis in the hospital laboratory usually takes 24 to 48 hours, therefore costing valuable treatment time.

The Advantages:

  • Unyvero can also be used around the clock quickly and easily by doctors and nurses without qualified laboratory personnel
  • Unyvero can be used to analyze a wide range of different native sample materials
  • The Unyvero System can also be placed directly in the intensive care unit at the "point of need," i.e. there is no need to transport samples long distances
  • The sample can be processed immediately and then interpreted directly by the doctor on duty – without delay
  • Treatment decisions can be made quickly and administration of the appropriate antibiotics can be initiated
  • Unyvero can also be used on patients for whom treatment has already started
  • The clearly indicated results can be printed out or exported as a PDF
  • In the future it will be possible to export data into HIS/LIMS

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