Use of Unyvero in the Laboratory

The currently available molecular biology methods can identify a range of pathogens and a few drug resistances, which helps them overcome some limitations of traditional culture-based methods. However, most molecular biological tests are too complicated. The workflow, which is mostly manual, is time consuming and the tasks require a special infrastructure as well as especially trained personnel. Because the healthcare system today is under severe cost pressures and there is a pronounced shortage of skilled professionals, molecular methods in infection diagnostics are still used far too rarely. They have only been used in laboratories in recent years.

Unyvero therefore also represents a significant easing of the workload for laboratories and also an additional service available to clinicians. Whether a microbiology laboratory or an external laboratory service provider – Unyvero allows for 24/7 molecular diagnostics around the clock, irrespective of laboratory opening times or personnel resources.

The Advantages:

  • Easy to use, even outside laboratory opening times, without specialist personnel
  • Shift-independent use
  • Permanent access to the device is possible – in the main laboratory or directly at the "point of need," e.g. in the intensive care unit
  • Minimal training costs and personnel commitment
  • Unyvero is maintenance free; calibration, extra inspections and validations are dependent on the hospital, where necessary
  • Service and support from the Curetis application specialists
  • High quality results: In most cases the Unyvero results are sufficient for a reliable interpretation
  • The clearly indicated results can be printed out or exported as an Excel-Sheet and PDF
  • In the future it will be possible to export data into HIS/LIMS