Unyvero Accessories

The corresponding accessories are delivered with the cartridges.

Unyvero™ T1 Sample Tube

The Unyvero T1 Sample Tube

prepares the patient sample and also contains small glass beads and buffers for lysis of the bacteria and liquefaction of the patient samples.

Unyvero™ T1 Sample Tube Cap

The Unyvero T1 Sample Tube Cap
seals the Unyvero SampleTube. It contains Proteinase K and a synthetic control gene for process monitoring.

Unyvero SampleTube Transfer Tool

The Unyvero T1 Sample Transfer Tool

is a tool for transferring samples, which is connected to a 1-ml Luer-Lock syringe (not included). It helps to efficiently transfer the patient sample from the primary sample container to the sample tube.

Unyvero™ T1 Sample Pre-Treatment Tool

The Unyvero T1 Sample Pre-Treatment Tool

is an aid for the preparation of certain sample types such as swabs and catheter tips for the ITI Application.

Unyvero™ M1 Master Mix Tube

The Unyvero M1 Master Mix Tube

is filled with reagents for DNA amplification, such as DNA polymerase, PCR buffers and nucleotides.

The Unyvero Sample Tube Holder

safely holds the Unyvero Sample Tube while the patient material is being transferred.
The Sample Tube Holder comes with the first delivery of a Unyvero system.