Unyvero Software

The Unyvero diagnostic system consists of three core components: The Unyvero Lysator is responsible for sample preparation. The heart of the system is the Unyvero Analyzer, which processes the Unyvero Cartridges. The entire process is managed via the Unyvero Cockpit

The touch-sensitive screen and the specially developed Unyvero Operating Software guide the user through the various analysis steps - simply and intuitively. In combination with the high degree of automation, this drastically reduces hands-on time.

At the end of the analysis process, which lasts just over four hours, the data results are automatically saved in the Unyvero Cockpit and clearly displayed on the results screen. Both the cartridge selection and the Unyvero Software are constantly being developed further and adapted to hospital requirements and customer requests. As a result, new application areas can also be addressed easily. A significant advantage here is that the combination of software and the modularly extendable Unyvero Platform can ensure a cartridge independent, familiar workflow and measuring process.

Therefore, it is already possible to switch between various result displays, to generate a results printout, to adjust the language setting or to generate an export of the results in PDF format via USB. Lot numbers, patient IDs, sample IDs and expiration dates can all be checked just as easily and quickly at a glance.

The consistent integration of new application areas is supplemented by the constant further development of the software. Thus, the integration of new applications and providing of new functions go hand in hand. Throughout the process, focusing on clinical necessity and customer needs is always the priority.

The Unyvero Server Software, which is currently in development, allows for communication between the Unyvero Cockpit and external systems such as hospital servers or laboratory information systems (LIMS/HIS), therefore making patient data and administrative information available in real time. As a result, the Curetis server software enables the central control of locally installed Unyvero Systems. Many isolated solutions are therefore turned into a network of analysis systems, whose results can be called up at anytime from anywhere within the hospital infrastructure, whether they are positioned in the central laboratory or near the patient, for example in the intensive care unit, hospital ward or emergency room.

The network solution will connect any combination of Unyvero Systems into a single virtual system. Consequently, not only the monitoring and retrieval of results but also the confirmation of medical diagnoses, data storage and archiving as well as quality control for the creation of reports or the provision of epidemiological data can be managed centrally. This means that expenditure for quality management and compliance with regulatory requirements can also be minimized.