The Unyvero Workflow

The Unyvero Application automates and integrates DNA purification, eight parallel multiplex endpoint PCR reactions, and the detection of amplicons using hybridization on arrays in a disposable cartridge.

  1. The patient sample is transferred to the Unyvero Sample Tube using the Unyvero Sample Transfer Tool and then sealed in with the Unyvero Sample Tube Cap.
  2. The patient sample is then lysed for 30 minutes in the Unyvero Lysator.
  3. The Unyvero Sample Tube and the Unyvero Master Mix Tube are then inserted into the cartridge.
  4. The Unyvero Cartridge is then inserted into the Unyvero Analyzer, which automatically processes the cartridge. The supplied software guides the user through the entire process. A bar code reader allows sample data to be entered, checks the shelf life of the consumables and stores the lot numbers of these consumables.
  5. After only four to five hours, the result overview screen provides a quick overview of all positively detected microorganisms and their antibiotic resistances. The microorganisms detected are shown in the upper half of the screen, while the lower half summarizes the antibiotic classes for which resistance genes have been detected.